Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Nik

Hi y'all!
My name is Nik,  I am the new assistant and copilot to Miss Jeanne at Brick Road Photo
I can't wait to share my adventures with you as we  photograph some amazing people, places and things around East Texas.  
This is my new home office! Her name is Mimi and she is the Brick Road Photo Mobile Memory Studio.
Isn't she pretty?  She makes me smile.
I get to sit in the front seat and be Miss Jeanne's copilot,  shhhh... just between us...she NEEDS a copilot in the worst way, she gets lost a lot and drives way too fast  since I am new at this job maybe we should just leave it at she gets lost A LOT. ;-)
Here I am sitting on the poles Miss Jeanne uses for the Photo Booth.  They are kind of long and make the perfect seat for me so I can see where we are going.
 I LOVE my new job, it makes me smile!
Today it was too rainy to take pictures, so we drove to Longview to do a little shopping. The people are so nice in Texas, when I smiled at them through the van window, they smiled right back, some of them even waved! How exciting! 
I love to make people smile!
We are taking the photo booth to Lindale, TX on Saturday night.  Their High School is having a Mardi Gras Magic Winter Formal dance.  We were invited by the Lindale Star Steppers, I am so excited BUT I have nothing to wear to a formal event so Miss Jeanne and I had to go shopping.  Look what I found!  Some great Mardi Gras decorations and a very handsome black tie and a blue sparkly hat, just like the Star Steppers wear.  Exciting!
It was nice to meet y'all!  I can't wait to share pictures of how much fun we had at the dance.

I am new here and would love to hear from you and make new friends. I love your comments, they make me smile.
Keep Smiling!